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Penny Hardaway will be owning your wallets come November.  Being a model Penny never donned on court it has amazed many with its popularity.  This month drops 2 versions of the Penny V.  The first to release is the Penny V "Lil' Penny."  The "Lil' Penny" is a pretty clean sneaker with different accents from the previous model.  On the heel it features a hit of "Lil' Penny" and on the tongue, it features a "1/2" in homage to his alter-ego "Half Cent."  The second model is a stealth black with fresh camo accents.  This will be limited and I promise will go quick.  Eat up, shut up and swoop on these kicks.  Be sure to follow AWOL on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for further release updates.


The Nike Penny V " Camo and "Lil' Penny" will be available to purchase at AWOL in store, call 1-855-734-4245 phone orders or online at


"Lil' Penny" - 11/27/13
Camo - 11/29/13



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