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Sneakerheads everywhere were baffled by Kanye dissing Nike's deal and jumping on the Adidas team. I mean, who could say no to the number 2 athletic sneaker brand, $10,000,000 dollars and royalties?  With the loss of Kanye to their major competitor, Nike went another route.  Jordan Brand, which is under the Nike umbrella of brands, signed no other than Drake, the former "Degrassi" Canadian rapper.  Kind of seems ironic, because when Kanye West went all HAM on an interview with Sway, he did state Drake was the number one rapper out there right now and Kanye was number 2.  Now it turns out in the sneaker world, this seems true as well.  Not much was disclosed on the deal with drake but both Drake and Jordan Brand have confirmed the joint collaboration.


Tons of questions arise because of this new deal.  Will drake just get PE style exclusives?  Will Jordan Brand build a shoe/apparel line around the rap star?  Is this just the beginning of non-athletes getting major shoe deals?


Below are some pics from Drake showing off some of his OVO (October's Very Own) exclusives.  Jordan donned him with 2 exclusive pairs of Jordan X's and 2 pairs of Jordan XII's each in black and white.  Who is hoping these will release to the public?




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