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The Nike Kobe 9 has been unveiled to the masses.  Unlike some of his earlier low-top versions, this shoe is a high top... a really high top.  The shoe has both Flyknit and Flywire tech built in for comfort and superior support.  Carbon fiber plating for strength and Lunarlon outsole for added comfort, cushioning and on court traction.  Late in the season last year, Kobe tore his achilles ankle, ending his run in the finals and the Lakers early out of the playoffs.  The shoe will offer maximum support for his recovering injury and on the back there are nine stitch-like stripes representing the 9 stitches to his achilles.


Even better than the new release of the Kobe 9, are throwback releases.  They are dubbing it the Prelude Pack.  The Prelude Pack releases over the next few months showing the road to the Kobe 9.  Yes, that means every Kobe classic shoe will be released from the Kobe 1 to the Kobe 8 in brand new colorways in preparation for the Kobe 9.


There are tons of mixed reactions to the Kobe 9.  What are your thoughts? Cop or Drop?




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