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The Jordan 3 was the first Jordan model to feature a visible airbag.  Arguably, the most recognizable model to date, this Jordan 3 takes style to the next level.  Last year, Jordan Brand released the 3Lab5.  It was a Jordan 5 model with the iconic Jordan 3 elephant print.  

This time around, they are dropping the 5Lab3.  The upper is completely covered in 3M reflective material.  Believe me, this shoe is straight fire.  Many may wonder, what makes this a Jordan 5 design?  Well, the Jordan 5 was the first model to don any type of 3M reflective material.  And like the previous "Lab" models, these 5Lab3's are made of the most premium materials Jordan Brand has to offer.  The cement print is etched clear from the outside, so you will notice the cement print, but when you take a picture flash of it, it will shine bright.  The translucent outsole, another feature first found on the Jordan 5, gives this shoe a clean look.  The shoe has a premium leather liner embossed with the Periodic Element "Re." Re, otherwise known as Rhenium, is silvery white with a metallic lustre.  And yes, it perfectly describes the shoe.  These are limited and will sell out across the nation within minutes.

This shoe will be raffled off, in which the winners will have the chance to purchase the shoe in their particular size.  Pairs are limited and we guarantee they will sell out everywhere.  Please call 1-855-734-4245, if you have any questions.  Raffles will be at both the Allston and Lowell locations.  Check the AWOL Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for further instructions.

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