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Wanna get super HIGH?!?  Well, don't need to go far to get your fix, because we have what you need at AWOL.  Made popular by the Admiral, David Robinson, of the Spurs during his dominant run in the 90's, this sneaker has great support and a high ankle support system.  Not a fan of the Spurs, well then you have to be a fan of one of the great movies of the time "White Men Can't Jump."  In this film, Billy Hoyle, played by Woody Harrelson, rocked these joints on the blacktop.  It's a total throwback thrown into the "now."  Don't hesitate to cop these Nike's.


The Nike Command Force "Billy Hoyle" is available to purchase at AWOL in store, call 1-855-734-4245 phone orders or online at


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