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New Release Policy

In an effort to eliminate problems associated with lines for new releases, we have established a policy that will apply to all major releases going forward.  This was created to avoid potential problems other stores have faced in the past.  We want to ensure the safety of our customers and also give everyone a fair chance to attain the new releases.

Prior to the release day, customers will have the opportunity to get a spot to purchase the shoes in their size by making an in-store purchase (minimum $20) within a given time frame that we will announce before each release.  The purchase will allow the customer to put a size of the shoe on hold to purchase on the release day between 11am-2pm.  Sizes will be first come, first serve. Holds will need to get picked up and paid for by 2pm on the release day or you will lose your opportunity to purchase.  Sizes not on hold will be sold when the store opens.  Holds not picked up by 2pm will also be released to the public at 2pm.      

The Basics:

Prior to Release Date

Make a min. $20 in-store purchase during the announced timeframe

Receive a hold on one size of the shoes

If there are multiple releases that day, customer could get additional holds for each additional $20 spent.  There is a limit of one hold per style per customer.

Day of Release

Pick up and pay for shoes between 11am-2pm (customer will need to be present with ID to match the name on the ticket)

Shoes not on hold will be available for purchase when the store opens

Shoes on hold and not picked up by 2pm will be available for purchase at 2pm

The Disclaimers:

One Purchase Opportunity per Customer for each release 

$20 purchase excludes gift cards

Sizes are first come, first serve

Available in-store only, phone and email orders will be taken after 2pm based on availability


Please do not ask us for multiple pairs of the same release.  Each customer is only allowed ONE hold per style.  We are not a wholesaler and will only allow ONE per customer.   

We understand that not everyone will like or agree to this new policy, but with a limited supply we feel that this is a fair system for our customers to get the opportunity to purchase and not just for people to resell.  Thank you for your support!

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