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The guys over at Fresh Talent are good people and have been making big waves. Being one of the few people to be able to sell their product is a good thing. They have been making waves having a lot of big names wearing their gear. They have their shirt called sunshine state and it is the famous Death Row picture of the original crew but they have been Simpsonized. The shirt is a hot seller and can not stay on the shelves. The guys over at Fresh Talent have recently spotted Snoop himself rocking the shirt. We have the shirt here in-store and will be online soon. Check out the picture of the shirt and Snoop wearing it after the break. 


  • I’m wearing Fresh Talent tees x sweat x tank ! And Since I do, I can turn over other stuff.
    Quality made is dope x design so unique without copying all that trends we have now on these products.
    Fresh Talent is new, is fresh air by clothing.

    Akela Battle Angel
  • Appreciate growing with a sick East Coast shop! Thanks Awol, for supporting Fresh Talent in our first year.

    John Park

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