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AWOL was conceived in December of 2006 and born into the heart of Boston. For those who don't know, A.W.O.L is an acronym for Addictive Way Of Life.  For us, it is more than just sneakers and streetwear.  It is about educating the community about fresh new trends, streetwear culture, and starting a movement of our own.  From day 1, we've tried our hardest to gather the best brands and best product to relay that message to the masses.  The sneaker and streetwear world is bountiful, with staple brands bringing new light to the culture and new and up and coming adding their own unique freshness and ideas.  There is only so far we can go with this message.  We rely you to help us spread that "drug," because those that do know, this way of life is very addicting.  You hunger and thirst for that new drop and even go that extra mile to find out where and when products are releasing. Join us in the movement to spread that message! Become an AWOLifer!


Follow us on the below social channels or come directly to our blog or  We will be updating our blog and website daily and feel free to comment on any post with recommendations.  We know you have what it takes to become and AWOLifer. Help us spread the word. Use the hashtags below to tag any sneakers or your freshest fist of the day.


Twitter: @shopAWOL

Instagram: @shopAWOL

Facebook: shopAWOL



#AWOL #goAWOL #AWOLife #AWOLifer


P.S. If you follow us on the above social channels channels, you will be the first to know about our new drops, sales and even Promo/Coupon Codes.

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