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Another fresh Quickstike will hit the AWOL shelves on Friday August 16, 2013.  One of the most classic and popular models, the Nike Dunk High will get some good treatment.  From afar this just looks like a regular old dunk with a new color.  It is far from that.  This Dunk High features a tumbled black leather panels and a predominately 3M silver upper.  So when you hit that flash on your camera for your new IG or FB pic, your kicks are gonna shine brighter than the sun!  To top off these kicks, the shoes are finished off with leather snake swooshes.  This is a must ROBOcopp!


The Nike Dunk High "3M Snake" Pack will be available this friday August 16, 2013 for purchase at AWOL for in-store purchase, call 1-855-734-4245 for phone orders or email for online orders.


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Pics Via @solecollector


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