Nike SB x Jordan 1 "NYC to Paris" - 5/25



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Nike SB x Jordan 1

Paying homage to the many iconic skaters who started skating in the Jordan 1's; Air Jordan 1's ended up becoming a big part of the urban skate culture. 

Nike is dropping the Nike SB x Jordan 1 "NYC to Paris" sneaker on 5/25. 

Unique to the wearer, this pair of Nike SB x Jordan 1 features a wear-away neutral tone paint in the light bone colorway. Underneath the paint is a warmer set of colors, which makes the pair distinctive to each person. NYC is represented on the light bone/sail, under that layer, Paris is represented through the vibrancy of the hyper pink and crimson colorway.  


Light Bone/Crimson Tint-Hyper Pink-Black

Retail: $175



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