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The Original 6

Posted by Peter Lam on

The most famous sneaker ever made by Nike was not the dunk, not a pair of Jordans, or even the Cortez sneakers.  The Air Force 1 was the most famous sneaker made popular by an Original 6.  Check the video for some AF1 history.  

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Nike Air Force 1 Weatherman

Posted by Emanuel Vega on

The weather is getting cooler, but the new Nike releases are continuing to heat things up.  These kicks were released alongside the big brother Foamposite last week.  Both are strong models and have features that no one has really shown in pictures.  Dubber the "Weatherman's" due to the graphic looking like the Doppler Radar.  What most did not know was that the silver lines that distinguish distance on the radar are 3M and shine at just the right light or flash.  This iconic classic will definitely become a staple in any AF1 head's collection.  Robocop now at AWOL. The Nike...

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